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Step into the world of authentic storytelling with SEME’s brand journalism video gallery, where factuality meets creativity. Our collection of ENG-style videos is a testament to our commitment to educating, explaining, and showcasing the real people, projects, and capabilities behind our clients in the industries we serve.

Each video is crafted to provide straightforward, insightful narratives that bring to life the essence of our clients' work. From in-depth project documentaries to interviews with industry experts, our videos are more than just presentations; they are journeys into the heart of the industry, revealing the innovation, dedication, and impact of those who shape it. Explore our grid of video examples to see brand journalism in action, illuminating the concrete industry through the lens of SEME’s expertise.

Want to Know More?

Meet Anderson Williams, President and Owner of SEME Resources Inc. – a seasoned communications professional with over two decades of expertise in the cement, ready-mix, aggregates, and concrete products industries. Anderson's journey from a diligent journalist to an innovative entrepreneur has been marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, and industry-specific knowledge.