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Embracing Timeless Principles for Modern Success

Concrete Geek
People who know me understand I have a deep appreciation for the past. When talking shop with industry colleagues, I often find myself sharing some obscure fact I've come across in the faded pages of old brochures, marketing materials, and newspaper archives.

While setting up this website, I spent considerable time going through the files of my former boss, Bob Fowler, who is now retired.

During my exploration, I came across a 1978 brochure from RM&F Communications, the predecessor of SEME Resources. RM&F, founded in 1974, was Bob's original company, which he left to found SEME in 1999; I joined in 2002.

One statement in that brochure stood out to me:

"Our firm will approach each project with two basic considerations: One, the desire for measurable response from each project. Two, the relationship of the particular project to a client's total communications program. We will regard these two considerations as inseparable."

This discovery was a powerful reminder of how the past can shape our present and future. I realized two things: first, these two simple principles remain relevant even after nearly five decades; second, Bob Fowler embodied this concept in every client project. His commitment to measurable outcomes and comprehensive strategy fundamentally influenced everything SEME Resources achieved during my 22 years with the company.

We have always emphasized the importance of measurable outcomes. Our current offerings, such as targeted email marketing, web traffic tracking, and data-driven refinements, provide our clients with clear, quantifiable results. By continually updating web content and using data to refine strategies, we ensure each piece of content supports the client's broader communications goals.

Content development and video production are now integral to our digital communications strategies. Our ongoing, growth-driven support keeps client websites current, secure, and effective. By embedding ourselves with a client, we function as an internal marketing team, providing continuous updates and improvements to web content and overall strategy.

I want to express my deep appreciation for Bob Fowler and pledge to continue upholding these two simple yet profound ideas. This continuity underscores our commitment to delivering impactful, strategic communications solutions that drive client success.

By looking to the past, we can find valuable lessons and timeless strategies to guide us today. The principles of measurable outcomes and strategic integration from RM&F continue to influence our work at SEME Resources, connecting us to our roots and providing a solid foundation for future success.